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April 30th, 2017


I've been a photographer since a sophomore year art class at Erasmus Hall high school in Brooklyn.
Now retired at last, i have time for shooting and photo editing a life's worth of photography.

My photography leans heavily upon digital editing with filters and color adjustment which is sometimes deliberately very obvious and other times is barely discernible. It makes for a more complex creative process than just f-stops, shutter speed, and choice of lens.

Born: 1951, Brooklyn, NY.

note: Some of my NYC and Tangiers photos are what is today called "street photography," shot then in black and white and stored. I scanned them years later into digital files. Some of the New York pics are 45 years old and the Moroccan pics are 40 years old. Each took hours to clean up, reposition, sharpen, fix the contrast and resolution, sometimes adding a bit of color here and there to fool with the viewer's eye. This site provides the artist an affordable way to sell without paying a service provider an arm and a leg. For 99% of the audience for photography, these prints fit the bill. (I even bought a shower curtain of one of my prints.)

But, for the collector I can offer a one-off print from a Canon PRO-100 that outputs from 8 color cartridges, and a paper like Ilford, so the color will last (if not under direct light).

I am not represented by a gallery.